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What was your first truck?

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Inspired by this thread: What's the Best truck you've ever owned?

I'd love to see pics of the first truck you ever owned.
Mine was a Ram 1500 Warlock which I didn't end up keeping long due to a job change, but I loved it for the 8 months or so I had it.
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As I said in the other thread, my first and only truck thus far was a 1984 GMC Caballero Amarillo (Yellow Knight, lol). It had a wheezing 305, bucket seats and console, adjustable rear air suspension, and a matching tonneau cover.

For those that don’t know these vehicles also had a mid-trunk compartment to store the spare tire, accessible from behind the seats. I filled it with a 12” subwoofer and several hundred watts of power in a custom box that fit next to the spare tire. Ah…the memories.

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First truck was a 2002 Avalanche. Was my only truck that my wife actually liked. Definitely love to see the return of the midgate with the Silverado EV.

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Now if GM makes a bed tent for the Silverado....
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A '94 Tacoma like this that I regret selling years ago, especially with where values are today!
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2001 Silverado 1500 extended cab 4x4 LS... Back when LS could be optioned with leather interior believe it or not. LOL
1985 Toyota
Burgundy 2003 RCSB 5.3 2WD Silverado Fleetside back in 2005-ish.
Red, 1995 Mazda B-4000 extended cab with 2WD and manual 5 speed. More than enough power, mostly used it for commuting.
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