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The Sierra EV will get Crab Walk

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Just like the Hummer EV, the Sierra EV will be getting CrabWalk as a feature thanks to its 4-wheel steering.

  • CrabWalk, a GMC-exclusive diagonal-drive feature that, at low speeds, turns the rear wheels in unison and at the same angle as the front wheels, allowing diagonal movement of the vehicle7
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I would actually like the tank turn feature, as have been in situations where it would have been easier than reversing my way back along a dead end trail. Never been in a situation where crab walk would have helped though.
Crab walk helps if you are on an incline/ditch next to a wall where turning and driving out would make the truck hit the side of the wall and damaging the side panels, with Crab walk you can turn the wheels to pull the truck away from the wall before you make your exit.
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Oh boy, have I been in situations where "crab walk" would have been nice!! Waaaaay too close to that tree/rock/edge, would have loved to "crab" away from it while on the trail.

That said, I cannot imagine being in any of those places in my Denali. :unsure:
playing Tetris in a overly packed parking lot? xD
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1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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