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The Sierra EV will get Crab Walk

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Just like the Hummer EV, the Sierra EV will be getting CrabWalk as a feature thanks to its 4-wheel steering.

  • CrabWalk, a GMC-exclusive diagonal-drive feature that, at low speeds, turns the rear wheels in unison and at the same angle as the front wheels, allowing diagonal movement of the vehicle7
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And this serves what purpose?!

Easier to maneuver the truck out of the way when the tech bro with millions in vested stock options wants to get his 911 out of his 10 car garage.
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Certainly will help parking lot maneuvers and highway lane change stability, don’t see much use for crab walk. I doubt GM will be generous on equipping lower trims of the Silverado so I don’t think I’ll know.

You can't use crab walk over 20 mph.

I agree the 4 wheel steering will be clutch in parking lots; but that's more to tighten the turning radius than it is to do a weird crabby thing.

IMO, if I have crab walk ... the only use case I can envision is to get closer to the side of my garage so my wife can't door ding me when she tries to get into her car. I feel like this alone is worth the price of the crabs. Have you seen the weird angles of a Model 3 Tesla door? It's like Elon designed his cars to beat the hell out of whatever you're parked next to!
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