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Silverado EV vs Lightning comparison

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Here’s a vid comparing the two trucks, plus a short interview witha GM rep.

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The video says the Lightning does not have a moonroof / sunroof. Not true. Lightning has a two panel venting and retracting panel with a full sunshade. I did not hear anything about the Silverado venting or opening, just that there is one or anything about a sunshade. To be transparent, I have a Lightning Platinum and day 1 RST reservation.
I know the video is dated but the Lightning had launched already and he mentions the Silverado vehicle to vehicle which Ford does, Home System Integration which ford does, in the bed 120v receptacles which Ford has but he did not mention the multiple 120v receptacles in the frunk and 30 amp 220v in the bed Ford has.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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