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Hey everyone, just wanted to share some pics of this amazing vehicle. Seeing it up close was the reason I reserved one. Hope GM knocks it out of the park next spring.
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Hey @DallasEV welcome to the forum! Thanks for sharing these great photos! Did you see the truck today? What stood out the most to you seeing it in person?

264 Posts
Funny enough it took me six months to place a reservation because I didn't like the look of the show car. In particular
  1. Chevy likes bling and I hate bling, too much brightwork and smooth plastic to pick up scratches
  2. That perfect reflection blue paint is blinding
  3. Simplified interior - I never had a truck with two gloveboxes, and they took the second out on this one, along with a bunch of buttons (I like physical)
  4. Trapezoidal screens - wasted screen space and unlike every other screen I have in my life
    1. chief engineer said it's not just an ipad stuck in there which I agree with - not fond of Tesla/Ford big ipad
    2. But they didn't have to go that far - I like the WT square landscape better
  5. Smooth exterior looks more like a weekend warrior truck
But not finding anything better I finally dug into it and fell in love with
  1. Midgate
  2. Roomy interior (I have a tall family)
  3. Camera rear view mirror
  4. 400 mi range
  5. HUD
  6. Ultium and Ultifi look promising

But they're saying that I'll only get to choose between WT (no midgate option) and RST ($$$), so I may not be able to buy one. I wonder if a lot of customers will drop out just for this reason, unless they surprise us with options. Or maybe I can option down the RST enough out of the nosebleed seats.
The midgate is a big seller for me on the EV. I love the versatility it offers compared to the electric trucks that are coming to market/for sale now. I hope it's good quality and doesn't cause people issues.
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