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Power Bump for the Silverado EV?

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With the introduction of the Sierra Denali today, I looked back to the Silverado website and noticed that the power estimates seem to have changed from the original figures. That's a 90HP bump from the original number. (y)
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Interesting, but whereas before it was 400+ mile range IIRC, now it matches the Denali at a even 400.
Good catch, didn’t notice that.
The Chief Engineer - same one on both Silverado and Sierra, said 400+ in an interview (the TFL walkaround) <shrug>. Anyhow they probably locked the spec down to 400mi, but if its anything like the Bolt it will get + miles if you’re just a little careful. But I’m closely following the towing and hauling as it all comes down to that - by my calculations I believe the 400(+) range will be adequate for my towing needs.

So towing is fine on these vehicles, the problem is the hauling capacity. I’ve got a 800lb tongue weight, plus a couple people and you’re hitting the limit. No capacity for bringing stuff in the truck. Which I don’t quite get - the Hummer weighs 1k more but carries almost 1500 lbs. Different width, suspension, I know … I just hope they release an option for 1500-1800 payload (beefed suspension or whatever)
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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