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Sort of offtopic since the CT has the same dam problem, but FWIW, I would really like an EV pickup that has one of either
  • a solid metal, preferably ferrous, roof, or
  • a good mountpoint (like the ones eliminated by the Silverado EV's sail panels) for a screwdriver HF antenna (something like a Tarheel or Scorpion).
and some reasonably-accessible for a good chassis ground. Cmon, Chevy, Ford, Tesla, you are building a rolling 150KWH battery with a 240V at ?? amp outlet that could run a legal-limit amp. It is every ham radio operator's Field day/POTA fantasy. Give us someplace (or at least, don't take away all the good places) to mount antennas!

There are dozens of us! Dozens!

ETA: clarified amp, fixed typo
So you want a antenna! Ok
21 - 27 of 27 Posts