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Just saw on Monroe live they started a tear down on new model y with a structural pack built in Austin. It appears their new structural pack with their new larger 4680 cells are fully potted with polyurethane. No battery modules that can be swapped out, these packs would have to be replaced as a whole at great expense. I know Tesla claims something like 90% capacity after ten years, however cells do fail, and before you could replace the battery modules.
This is in keeping with the Tesla/Apple design/repair philosophy which is fine on my iPhone, but I don’t trust on something as valuable as a car.
GM seems to be going opposite of this with their Ultium battery platform, even claiming we could swap out battery modules for replacements with newer battery chemistry when it becomes available. I support GM maintaining the modular and repairable nature of their battery packs, no doubt Tesla is saving money in addition to maintaining control by constructing the packs as they do. My Current GM truck is nearly 20 years old, I love the idea that 10-12 years down the line I could replace the lithium modules in my Silverado EV battery pack with new solid state modules that would increase range and be lighter.
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