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I'm an environmentalist who drives a plug-in Toyta Prius hybrid, with a Dodge Dakota as a wood hauling truck. I'm nearly 70 and only need one vehicle going forward and want it to be an EV truck for overall versatility.

We plan to haul a lightweight (1700 lbs.) Camp365 tenting trailer. Our retirement travel goals include trips to Alaska, all across Canada and across the US, along with a tandem e-bike and a tandem fishing kayak. Some mild off-roading but nothing extreme. Our kids are located from PA to OR and in between, so lots of travel planned in a few years.

I want to have a vehicle that meets all my needs without overbuying. Its the remote camping trips that make me interested in the 400 mile range, and the larger truck bed that is particularly intriguing about the Silverado.

I've also got reservations on the Rivian R1T (Max pack 400 mi. range, now not due until 2024) and the Cybertruck. Had a reservation on the Lightning but passed on it this summer. Thought the larger range Rivian would be here by now. :mad:.
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The range while towing will be half or less, depending on speed. Might be a big factor, that’s a lot of stops for fast charging if the charging is even available on the way in remote parts.
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Until a new battery technology becomes available the whole pulling a trailer thing is going to be compromised compared to ICE. Gas and diesel have a dramatically higher energy density and can refuel in 5 min. The Silverado is going about as far as they can with the current NMC batteries and it’s not good enough for most, let’s hope solid state hits mass market within 10 years.
10 years is the timeline GM gave for the HD EV and I believe it is timed to solid state battery availability. Americans have been producing less CO2 for years now, the ICE trucks are cleaner and more efficient then ever. I think we have been doing a great job. China and some other countries are on a far worse trajectory that makes us look like small beans.
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