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Just reserved my Silverado

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Hi everyone, I joined the forum in the Spring but I just reserved my Silverado EV this morning. I came close to reserving an F-150 two times but both times I backed out. I just need more winter range. I'm in NY and I drive 150 miles between two houses every week all year. It's over 80% on the Thruway and Long Island Expressway. In the dead of the winter I figure that I could lose 35 to 45 percent of my range. If the Silverado does come out with 400 mile range, I'll be perfectly safe all year round with as much heat or AC as we need to be comfortable.

I'm pretty simple in my needs, things that I need are;

at least 300 mile range
heated seats
ability to carry my stuff back and forth

things I don't need;

glass roof
4 wheel steering
removable bulkhead
$100,000 price tag

And of course; it's got to be red. I've been driving red pickups since the 80's when I got my first Ford Ranger!
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Welcome, unfortunately there isn't a whole lot of information on trim levels, but I'm guessing the 400 mile range will be the most expensive option. I'll be happy with a 320 option which is about the same as my current ICE version. I also agree that I don't need a glass roof, 4 wheel steering, nor the power pack.
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