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Is It Body on Frame or Unibody?

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Its neither.

According to the chief engineer its more of a hybrid of the two. The battery is mounted as a structural member in a frame, and the body is attached to the frame to become a single structure.
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I think we will continue to see the "traditional" split between body on frame, and unibody construction disappear. Going to be more and more hydrid style structures. Even the goofy Exoskeleton concept of the cybertruk is going to blur those lines.

Overall, doesn't really matter what the underpinnings are, IMO. Once it's been tested and rated, the "how" becomes less important to me.
The rendering of the battery pack and frame makes the frame look like channels thatch catch dirt and moisture. As someone who if unfortunately familiar with chevy frame rot, that scares me. Compare the fully boxed frame of the Ford Lightning to the Silverado EV and it takes very little imagination to see places to trap dirt and moisture and crevice corrosion waiting to happen on the Chevy.
It is 'skateboard' architecture, which is the heir-apparent to body-on-frame (now it is body on skateboard, where the frame used to be).

Most would agree that a body on a ladder frame was better (at least stronger) then the lighter unibody that followed. This is a nice move back toward strength; especially as makers move toward structural packs.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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