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Hi from the Motor City

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It's true what they say in that once you drive an EV, it's hard to go back to ICE. I have been driving plug-in hybrid Chevy Volts since 2012 and my spouse and I purchased a 2021 Bolt EV last March as a second vehicle. Prior to the Bolt, we had leased a 2018 Silverado bonus cab that we just loved, other than its need for gasoline. My first Chevy truck was purchased in 1980, an '80 Custom Deluxe C10 regular cab short box. I replace that truck with a '90 Chevy C1500 extended cab. Both were equipped with base 6-cylinder engines and the latter with a 5-speed manual. Both were great trucks.

I knew that I would eventually own another full-sized truck, but not one that was ICE powered. So, when the new Silverado EV was revealed earlier this month, I had my reservation in within an hour. I gave some serious thought to the F-150 Lightning, but as you can guess from above, I'm a Chevy/GM guy. It's in my blood and my work history as I was employed by GM as a product engineer for 21 years prior to moving on to new opportunities in different fields.

Looking forward to the conversation and updates between now and the start of production!
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