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Direct from GM:

"Today, GM announced a feature standard in its Ultium-based EVs that captures and repurposes waste energy from the battery. Through the Ultium Platform’s energy recovery system, this waste energy can increase a vehicle’s range, reduce battery energy needed for heating, increase charging speed and even enable sportier driving. "

GM Ultium heat pump press release

The heat recovery heat pump is "standard" on Ultium-based EVs. Everything from the $30K Equinox to the Hummer EV. E From what I've seen from some of the patents, the new heat pump is ingeniously-simple...probably is less expensive both in parts and labor than the Bolt's HVAC/EV thermal management system, with just one glycol loop, one expansion tank, and fewer pumps. They replace the Bolt's three independent glycol loops and two PTC-glycol heaters (one for cabin heat, one for battery heat) with a single PTC glycol heater for the entire glycol loop.The Bolt's cabin HVAC glycol-based heating coil is replaced with a refrigerant condensing coil. Per owners' manuals, the much-larger 100 kWh Ultium-based Lyriq only requires 11.4 qt. of glycol as compared to the Bolt's 13 qts. Lyriq has two pumps. The Bolt has three. Defogging, the most inefficient winter HVAC mode for all EV, (Bolt typically uses 7 kW or more) is extremely efficient, at extremely cold temperatures typically using 3 kW or less, as it recovers all the compressor heat + cabin humidity latent heat for re-heating the dried/dehumidified defogging supply air.
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