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GM reportedly has reportedly given commercial and government customers a sneak peek of the Sliverado EV fleet model and the "initial interest has been overwhelming" according to GM CEO Mary Barra.

If GM can get ahead of Ford and Tesla to offer fleet vehicles to customers it'll be huge win for them to establish themselves in the EV market.

An electric Chevrolet Silverado full-size pickup truck for retail and fleet buyers is also in the works with a range of about 400 miles in certain configurations, Barra says. "The initial interest has been overwhelming, especially from commercial and government customers. We gave a small number of them a sneak peek at the interior and exterior designs. They said it exceeded their high expectations with zero emissions, long range, pickup capability, innovative storage, and strong value, along with a powerful design. What's especially important is this truck will be a high-volume entry in one of the most popular and competitive segments in the industry."
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