GM is reportedly considering a $30,000 small electric pickup for Chevrolet. it could be based on the Chevrolet Montana or the Colorado S10 that are sold in Brazil.

General Motors is said to be considering adding a compact electric pickup to its lineup, as one of several models that might be priced at less than $30,000.

That’s according to a report Thursday from Automotive News, which claims to have seen the pickup at GM’s “affordable EV design studio” in Warren, Michigan.

Automotive News describes the pickup as futuristic and sporty, and it says that it’s a two-door truck with a 4.0- to 4.5-foot bed and a low roofline. It also says that the truck shown “could be a variation of the Chevrolet Montana or the Colorado S10, both sold in Brazil.”

Michael Pevovar, a GM executive overseeing Chevrolet affordable EV design, told AN that this is a way of gaining feedback—from whom, it’s not clear, as GM hasn’t yet released potential specs, or a photo of the truck, which would almost certainly use components from the Ultium Drive family.

The report didn’t clarify whether the vehicle shown to Automotive News was a prototype, a concept, or merely a clay model. And despite the Chevy affiliation of the executive, the report emphasizes that GM didn’t attach a brand or timeline for the truck.

Green Car Reports has reached out to GM regarding the affordable EV studio project, and when it might be planning to show or clinic these potential models.

If GM moves fast, it might have the only inexpensive electric truck available in the U.S. And it bears mentioning, it's been there before—with the S-10 Electric that was made in 1997 and 1998 for fleets only.