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GM President Mark Reuss recently revealed that GM dealers have serviced 11,180 Teslas since 2021.

GM is making moves to transition to all-electric power, with one recent study indicating that GM may capture more EV market share than Tesla by 2025. However, in the meantime, Tesla customers are coming to GM for vehicle service, as indicated by recent statements made by GM President Mark Reuss.

During the recent GM investor’s day presentation held November 17th, Reuss said that GM dealers “took repair orders on vehicles whose make or model was listed as Tesla” 11,180 times since last year.

“That’s a new business, which is great,” Reuss said. “Those customers brought their vehicles to us for service because they know and we know we have the expertise to fix them. They know that we have the customer service experience that they also want and they know we have the service bays and the dealerships in place.”

In addition, Reuss indicated that these service expectations are the reason Tesla is now “investing millions to replicate the brick and mortar service centers we already have,” with some of the new Tesla service centers located near existing GM dealers. Reuss also said that 90 percent of the U.S. population lives within 10 miles of a GM dealer.
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