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Complete and Utter Reservation Failure

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I am at a loss as to how badly one organization could fail us on this many levels. I genuinely anticipated the launch of the new EV Silverado. I signed up for email updates and was ready and watching the announcement of the new EV on Jan 5, 2022. I was also ready with computers open and ready to sign in and make my reservation exactly at noon when Reservations opened to the public. Within 15 minutes I had a reservation in my wife's name and I believed that I would be one of the lucky ones to be high on the list of reservations with the possibility of getting in on a W/T version of the new EV without spending $80,000. Just to be on the safe side I also called our local Chevy dealer and made a reservation over the phone with a larger deposit $500. Since Chevrolet didn't send me a confirmation of my reservation immediately I also printed out a copy of the completed reservation and emailed it to myself just to have a good record. I did that at 12:18 pm time stamped in the email since the online form didn't include a time stamp. I also made both reservations using a credit card so that I could have a record of the payment.

OK, I know you are eagerly anticipating the outcome. BOTH SYSTEMS COMPLETELY FAILED. The one thing I didn't do was follow up regularly with Chevrolet. I did keep getting lots of emails on various annoucements regarding the EV Silverado and other products. With help from the forum... because GM didn't bother to send this information I reached out to the EV Concierge team to get my reservation numbers. While they were very professional and curteous they offered no solutions to the double failure. I'm aghast at the failure of the system. GM, Ford and others seem hell bent on moving us away from dealers to online reservation and ordering systems. They better fix this fast or they will lose customers.

I think it is important to share this experience publicly. Cheverolet is quick to push me under the rug. Sorry guys I don't go down without a fight.
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