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It's flat surface it will get lots of pitting and other road damage... especially on off-roading... This technically could save you money.
Ehhh if a Wrangler Rubicon 392 or Bronco Raptor can have body color lines on the front and near the rockers (below the doors)... so can a Trailboss. Save money? Who's buying a Trailboss or RST or AT4 or Denali and interested in saving money hah.

From a design perspective they love to make wheel arches and rockers black to make the vehicle look more "sleek" since the eyes won't pick up on how hefty the vehicle is. Look at the Mustang Mach E as an example. They want the car to look lower to the ground than it really is. But the downside is it makes the vehicle look cheaper since using black cladding is also a cost-cutting tool. The moment you upgrade to get a MME GT, the wheel arches get body color matched because it looks less cheap that way.

I agree the WT probably doesn't matter since people don't buy a WT for looks.
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