The map below is based on geotagged twitter data during the Ford F-150 Lightning reveal in May, and the recent Chevy Silverado EV reveal this week. Geotagged data was taken from the day before, the day of, and the day after the pickup truck reveals. So May 18-20 data for the Lightning was compared to January 4-6 data for the Silverado. The data was then mapped out to see which truck had more hype and interest in each state. For example, by looking at keyword phrases or hashtags like #FordLightning or #SilveradoEV. Over 100,000 tweets were tracked.
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As you can see from the map, the F-150 Lightning still takes most of the map, especially middle America, while the Silverado is getting more hype on the coasts.

Ford F-150 Lightning - 31 states
Chevy Silverado EV - 19 states

It seems Ford will still have the advantage here in terms of interest, despite Chevy revealing specs like a 400 mile range, compared to Ford's 230-300 mile range.