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Consumer Reports released their 2023 Automotive Brand Rankings and Chevrolet ranked 23rd, one spot higher than they were last year.

Chevy was ranked twenty-third overall in the Consumer Reports 2023 Automotive Brand Rankings, placing the mass-market brand in second out of all four of GM’s brands.

This ranking is one spot above Chevy‘s CR 2022 Automotive Brand Rankings score, where the Bow Tie brand figured near the bottom of the pack. Meanwhile, Buick, Cadillac and GMC were ranked twelfth, twenty-fourth and twenty-seventh overall, respectively. German luxury brand BMW was ranked first overall on this year’s list, while Land Rover rounded out the bottom of the standings at spot thirty-two.

Consumer Reports‘ automotive brand rankings are based on an overall score that it assigns. This score is based on the publication’s own road test scores for a brand’s various vehicles, along with predicted reliability and owner satisfaction based on responses from past owner surveys. A vehicle’s safety score from institutions like the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety was also taken into account when assigning brand scores, while a separate “Green” score was applied to brands based on the number of eco-friendly vehicles it offers.

In light of this, Chevy’s drop in rankings comes as a result of low predicted reliability and average customer satisfaction scores.
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