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Cadillac Escalade Could Become New EV Sub-Brand

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The Escalade could become its own EV sub-brand like the Hummer.

Big changes are afoot at General Motors as the automaker moves to transition to all-electric powertrains. Among the changes are plans to launch several new EV sub-brands, which, according to a recent report, may include a sub-brand taking leveraging the Cadillac Escalade nameplate.

Originally launched in the late ‘90s, the Cadillac Escalade is now considered an icon of the luxury SUV segment, with the latest fifth-generation model debuting for the 2021 model year. Looking ahead, however, a new report from Car and Driver indicates that GM may launch a new all-electric sub-brand under the Cadillac Escalade name.

Citing anonymous insider sources at GM, Car and Driver reports that if green-lighted, the Cadillac Escalade sub-brand may contain a variety of different vehicles hitting multiple different segments. Among these will be a new all-electric three-row crossover, which will slot in under the full-size Cadillac Escalade SUV in terms of exterior dimensions, while still seating seven passengers in the cabin. The new seven-seat crossover would line up with the upcoming, all-electric Porsche K1 three-row crossover, and could be sold in the U.S. and Chinese markets.

In addition, the new Cadillac Escalade sub-brand may introduce a new all-electric “carlike” crossover. This particular model would reportedly add a splash of off-road flair to the equation, taking on an “all-terrain” attitude for those customers who don’t mind playing with their luxury vehicle in the dirt.

Finally, the upcoming Cadillac Escalade sub-brand may also spawn a new luxury MPV, which, according to the report, may initially be sold as a Chinese-market exclusive.
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