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My dealer emailed me and we sent a few more emails back and forth. I kinda think they have no info. The weirdest thing was I wanted to reserve the work truck. I do my reservation early May 2022. I didn’t see a selection for wt or rst so I really didn’t choose. I saw no selection on my confirmation email. It saw WT or RST. Dealer said we wouldn’t get to eventually place orders, instead GM would send a truck to whatever build spec they chose. When it arrived the dealer would go down their reservation list to ask if the person would like to purchase it. If the answer is no they go to the next person until someone does. I asked about color. He said no, they will just get whatever they get. It’s only $100 reservation but there should be a little better communication from GM to the reservation holders in my opinion. I also placed a Maverick Hybrid order in Oct 2021 and never got it. My order is missing or lost even though I got an order confirmation fromFord. All of this is screwy and I just got burned by Ford so I’m scared a bit. I love my 95 z71 Silverado but drive 82 miles each weekday at 12 mpg.
Welcome to the forum. Do you know what their initial allocations are like? Are you considering any other pickups?
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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