Using the same Ultium electric vehicle powertrain as the Silverado EV, will be the new Chevrolet Tahoe EV when it arrives around 2024. This electric SUV will be one of the most important models for Chevrolet in the shift towards electrification, for reasons explained here:
" Arguably the next most important segment to tackle is that of SUVs, where a number of EV producers have already made their intentions for future products known. And while General Motors has an electric SUV in the works with the GMC Hummer, more attainable family-focused cars will be critical to the conglomerate's success. Thus, an electric Chevrolet Tahoe is inevitable, but what might it be like?

Since the regular versions are so closely related, it's safe to assume that the electric Tahoe (the TahoE, if you will) would use the same Ultium-derived powertrain as the Silverado EV. Chevy needs to make the most of its investment, so this powertrain will become more common as the electrification push accelerates. In the pickup, the base variant provides 510 horsepower and 615-lb-ft of torque while the top trim gives you 664 hp and over 780 lb-ft of torque. The Tahoe would likely mirror these figures. Then again, by the time the electric Tahoe arrives, software updates and other developments may mean that GM sees fit to increase power. Assuming that the SUV will be able to mimic the current electric Chevy pickup exactly, up to 10,000 pounds of towing capacity will be accessible."

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