According to Chevrolet the Silverado EV WT and RST will have DC fast charging capability of up to 350 kW. At that charging rate it can give the Silverado 100 miles of range in 10 minutes (GM estimate).

The Silverado also has the on-board charging capability to offer up to 10 outlets for work and recreational needs. The Silverado EV's PowerVase delivers a total of 10.2 kW to power things like equipment, laptops, or even your home.

Phenomenal performance
The RST and WT feature public DC fast charging capabilities of up to 350kW enabling approximately 100 miles of range to be added in 10 minutes based on GM estimates.

When combined with the available accessory power bar, the Silverado EV’s PowerBase charging system offers up to 10 outlets, to provide a total of 10.2kW of all-electric power for countless worksite or recreational needs, including powering your home, with the required equipment.

The Silverado EV is also capable of charging another EV using the available accessory charge cord, sharing its power in times of need.

With the growing North American network of chargers and the Energy Assist feature in the myChevrolet Mobile App, drivers can create energy-efficient route planning even while trailering.

RST owners also have access to Ultium Charge 360, GM’s holistic approach to EV charging, which is designed to simplify the overall charging experience, including access to more than 100,000 publicly available charging points in the U.S. and Canada.

WT customers have access to Ultium Charge 360 Fleet Service, which offers one of the industry’s most comprehensive charging solutions for businesses, whether drivers take their vehicles home or return to a central depot.